– NRA CEO not operating a secure Section 5 Armoury

District Judge in County Court proceedings rules that NRA CEO Andrew Mercer was clearly not operating a secure Section 5 Armoury and ordered Mr Mercer to pay £3620.00

This unfortunate saga could have been avoided with common sense, as now the NRA Members have to foot the bill and the NRA has a County Court Judgement. Since then police have identified further thefts from the NRA armoury.

Gun Mart. January 2015 edition.

Comments to the Article

Seems like the N.R.A / Mr Mercer has shot themselves in the foot! If the comments attributed to Mr Mercer are verbatim, then he has not acted in a professional manner and brought the N.R.A. into disrepute and acted rather like an ‘Arthur Daley’ character. Perhaps Mr Mercer would like to change jobs and sell secondhand cars instead!

WOW! Why have we not yet seen Mr Mercer’s resignation letter along with whomever runs the armoury! This is an outrageous breach of trust!

As Oliver Cromwell said “………….. think it possible you may be mistaken………………..You have sat too long for any good you have been doing lately… Depart, I say; and let us have done with you. In the name of God, go!” The only thing that puzzles me is why is this ignorant man still there. Surely this is gross misconduct towards a member and he should leave. As he seems to be totally lacking in any integrity he will not go of his own volition so the trustees should be holding disciplinary proceedings.

How much longer will the NRA membership tolerate Mercer, it’s just one cock-up after another?

The full post can be found online here. It was found on www.full-bore.co.uk ‘The UK’s Finest Independent Forum for Shooters and Gun Owners. Est 2010’. Interestingly the NRA clearly see this as a reliable site given they advertised it in their 2010 Winter Journal…(page 11 / 9)

andrew Mercer

In addition to the above:

  • A large amounts of live ammunition went missing but these were blamed on ‘accounting errors’.
  • Many 1000’s of 7.62 empty cases were missing from the armoury. NRA Chairman at the time (Robin Pizer) kept haggling over the unit price of the sale to a commercial manufacturer. Months later when he finally agreed a price the B Armoury was opened to find it empty.
  • 2010 £3,000 cash to pay markers for the Imperial, which was kept in the Range Office safe went missing the day before the event. This was covered up by trustees.
  • Trustees, or members of their families, have been allegedly awarded contracts for work at Bisley.