– NRA Targeting British Sporting Rifle Club despite admitting being ‘ignorant’

The NRA are now targeting the British Sporting Rifle Club (BSRC), a club of over 300 members (who are all NRA Members too) by refusing to renew their lease despite the NRA estates policy stating that preference will be given to existing leaseholders. BSRC started trying to negotiate in 2017. There have been NRA delays, stony silence, refusals to meet… and finally an admission that Mr Mercer does not wish to renegotiate a renewal as he wants control. This is despite the massive amount of time and money that has been invested by BSRC members over 50+ years to make the facility as good as it is today.

The British Sporting Rifle Club was formed at NRA Bisley in  1962 with the main aim of saving the Running Deer range. GB has a long history of success in Running Deer shooting dating back to the Paris Olympics of 1924, but the Bisley range saw little use of Running Deer apart from the NRA Imperial meeting and was in danger of being taken over for small bore shooting. Since then BSRC has developed the near derelict site in a series of phases, to produce what some of our foreign visitors consider the best Moving Target rifle shooting complex in the world. This has been achieved by managing the range as a private club; member’s subscriptions have provided the capital investment over the years of some £300K without any grant funding.

The NRA has not done even the most basic analysis of the costs of running these ranges with paid staff instead of volunteers, and therefore cannot say how much it will cost to use these ranges when they transfer to their control. There are also serious questions about whether NRA would be capable of operating such a complex range system. How is it in the interests of the Charity to kick another rent paying, hard-working group of mostly volunteers out of their business?

“It is a fair point, am I an expert in the machinations of what happens on the British Sporting Rifle Club range, do I understand in fine detail what happens, how it happens, how the courses of fire operate? No I don’t. You can say I’m equally ignorant on pretty much every single discipline that the NRA is
involved in”.

Andrew Mercer. NRA CEO NRA AGM 2019. p27

“Greed. Parasites in fact. As ever. I remember that the NRA used to charge people to come into Bisley Camp during the National Pistol Association “Anno Domini” meetings. A plague on both their houses”.

Public Comment to the above

“Would’t let them have it as it is. Sorry to say I would rather see it burn back to the ground into a muddy field as it was before BSRC built it into the best club on Bisley. The Money grabbing Draconian mind F**ks that are the NRA just see it as a cash COW”.

Public Comment to the above

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