– The NRA treats Members with utter contempt, taking their business for granted

We were made aware of an extract in The Stalking Directory as follows:

Fellow members,

Myself and a friends recently shot at Bisley. We shot on Century at 600yds. When we got to our lane there were a large group right next to us, about 10-12 people in total. Two on the firing point and 10 stood around talking, joking and generally having a laugh.

I radioed the Range Office and asked if we could more down a couple of lanes so as we wouldn’t be so crowded and wouldn’t be disturbed. The Range Office replied by saying ‘that is how the lanes have been set up for the day and they wont be moving them’ So basically tough if you don’t like it!!

My issue isn’t with the group chatting and having a good time as I would have been exactly the same, after all shooting is a social activity. I was just stunned at the ignorance and lack of helpfulness from the Range Office.

Please bare in mind that there was only myself and the other group on the whole 107 lanes. there was no one else forward of us so there was no safety issues preventing us from moving! Nearly every time I shoot The Range office likes to bunch you up.. Not sure why?

Anyway I Emailed the Chef Exec (Andrew Mercer). I had no reply from the Andrew, so called him. After getting through I asked if he had read my email and had got to the bottom of why this happens and why we couldn’t move lane? His reply and attitude I think sums up why the NRA are in such serious trouble.. He said that ‘I gets hundreds of emails a day and cant be expected to answer all of them’ Wow! I said what even the ones from your paying members and there complaints? ‘well I will ask the Range Office to look into this and get back to you’ So far it has been two weeks and not a reply!

Mr Mercer, I know your not a shooter and this is just another job to you (One that pays over £100.000+ per year), I believe you came from the leisure Industry and no doubt you will scurry back to it once you have failed in turning around the NRA. But I am a shooter and have been for many years. I don’t get paid to shoot I pay to shoot!

I suggest a big part of the NRA’s problem is that if you treated the shooters with respect and value them you may have a thriving business… After all people are paying top dollar to lie in the cold for hours on end. I am staggered as to how you can fail to make money with a resource such as Bisley Camp and with a million licenced shooters?? Maybe it is because your organisation treats them with utter contempt and take there business for granted?!?!

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I would not give one penny piece to the NRA and pray for the day when it goes bankrupt and ceases to exist. It has done nothing for shooters in the country since about 1950 or thereabouts. It was abysmal when the 1988 self-loading rifle ban was proposed and, hiring the SAME lobbying concern that had failed in 1988 also was abysmal when the pistol ban came in in 1996.

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I think that some at the NRA have finally woken up and realised that the writing is on the wall for the NRA if they don’t make drastic changes and are doing their best but I fear that it is a matter of perhaps “too little too late”.

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In the North East we may be luckier than most with access to some decent MoD ranges however the costs are high. The NRA have a monopoly position with the MoD meaning any club must register with the NRA before the military (Landmark) will allow a club on. This means that a club with approx. 100 members will have to pay the NRA nearly £1100 for affiliation and per capita fees just for a license and range safety cards that will permit access to ranges. So with this in mind, when a club needs professional help, the NRA is straight there!! No not really, they do absolutely nothing for anyone outside of Bisley. When local clubs were interested in taking over a police training range that is closing shortly, I know of various people who contacted them but they were not remotely interested in acting as intermediaries, giving professional advice or doing anything really. If there were options, most clubs I know would use private ground and completely reject the NRA.

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The NRA needs to adopt the motto – CHANGE or DIE.

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Having read the minutes of the NRA annual general meeting I can fully understand why you said that.

The rumours that I had heard previously about the NRA I took with a pinch of salt. Being the doubting Thomas that I am, I thought that there was probably some exaggeration in the tales. However having now read the minutes of the AGM and press reports stating the amount of declared monies the NRA have wasted on legal fees in recent years in connection with imposing rent increase I can only say that I have probably visited Bisley for the last time.

I am glad that I am not a member of the NRA and want no involvement or association with that organisation ever again. What a bunch of utter Ars******

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