– Selling Bisley Camp for Profit

The Proposal…a ‘Killing House’ training facility!

Selling Bisley out. Is this what is actually driving the reprehensible behaviour at the NRA? In 2017 the NRA sent out an email to members regarding a 2018-2020 ‘Strategic & Development Review’ as per the below. Spaces were limited. During the presentation NRA Chairman John Webster told the meeting that the Civil Nuclear Constabulary (CNC) had approached the NRA as they need a Southern based facility to match their other two at Sellafield and Doonray.

Bisley doesn’t have such a facility so the CNC have to train in Sellafield. The CNC would require a secure barb wired area for the ‘Killing House’ with no access for NRA members. This facility enables them to practice storming a building with live ammunition to free hostages.  However in addition to a Killing House, tactical assault teams need to practice storming planes, trains, busses, cars, abseiling or fast roping from helicopters etc. They also need to practice fire and manoeuvre in open land and built up areas so if they require such a training facility they would need more than just a building and a range.

Webster suggested that the CNC would be prepared to acquire the whole of the NRA land at Bisley. Webster went on to suggest that such a deal would require the NRA to move to a purpose built facility in a new location, such as Salisbury Plain. The reason that the CNC and other Police organisations such as the MET want Bisley is its closeness to London and easy access from the M25. Webster said it was therefore a realistic proposition which the Trustees are considering.


NRA Chairman John Webster - selling Bisley out?
NRA Chairman John Webster