– David Lacey made NRA Chairman – General Council Helpless

On Friday 21st February, as per the NRA’s plan, David Lacey was made Chairman. David Lacey replaces John Webster. Unbeknown to most of the NRA General Council in December 2019 David Evans (Vice Chairman) and line manager to Andrew Mercer was been replaced by Websters co-opted trustee David Lacey. Evans remains a Trustee. David Lacey was therefore made Vice Chairman of the NRA at the end of 2019, and the Chairman’s role, as Webster was finishing his term, was not advertised. This resulted in Lacey being the only candidate.

Members of NRA General Council expressed great discontent that there has been such an absence in advertising the Chairmans’ vacancy in order to secure the best candidate. Council nevertheless voted for/against the decision to make David Lacey Chairman. The votes were counted by the Trustees and General Council informed that Lacey had been voted in. Council were not given the actual voted numbers for/against!

David Lacey has been a member of the NRA Disciplinary Committee. He is experienced at keeping the ‘status quo’ and will no doubt continue to victimise dissidents and pursue the personal agenda of Webster and other Trustees over that of the Charity.

NRA lie to Members once again…

The whole of the NRA membership has been disenfranchised and discriminated against by not allowing anyone else to apply for the role of Chairman.

At the NRA General Council meeting of 6 September 2019 (view minutes here) Chairman John Webster said he was stepping down and the vacancy for his position would be advertised on the NRA website and on social media. This never happened and as per the above the election of a new Chairman was a stitch up with a co-opted Trustee (by Webster) put forward. See below the extract of the General Council Meeting in question. We have highlighted comments on page 7.

Incidentally, Charles Brookes, who informed the General Council that their Vice President would be appointed…managed to get himself elected.

Update: Another disingenuous Press Release from Andrew Mercer. Webster has been far from a success.

John Webster may feel he has escaped being held to account over his cheating in competitions, breach of Health & Safety, lies and implicating innocent NRA members. He has not. More on Webster’s Blown Primers here.