– More NRA Trustees Change

Early March, without consultation of council or advising membership the NRA have changed their Trustees. David Evans is not a trustee. Robert Bruce, Tom Putt and Andrew Nebel have been added as trustees. These individuals are unknown to most we have spoken to.

Furthermore the National Rifle Association no longer has: a Vice Chairman, Chairman of Disciplinary Committee or Chairman of Membership Committee.

No staff or directors are mentioned at all under the National Shooting Centre (NSC).

This is all the more underhand given the NRA’s Press Release on 7th February 2020 stating:

“The improved documentation and procedures that the Trustees have put in place as a result of the action plan issued by the Commission will be of significant benefit to the charity. These include greater clarity around the separation of the NRA and its commercial subsidiary, National Shooting Centre Limited, new governance structures, a new Disciplinary Code and new procedures for the granting and renewing of leases. The Trustees appreciate the help and advice that they have received from the Charity Commission on these issues and feel strongly that the NRA is in a better position for the future having implemented the action plan. The Trustees also agree wholeheartedly with the sentiments expressed by Helen Earner, Director of Operations. Trustees are rightly expected to uphold high standards of common decency and behaviour”.

NRA Press Release in response to Charity Commission Outcome Report 7th February 2020

More details of the NRA Press Release are available here.