– NRA Reviews by Employees

It is so sad that the institution we have all given so much to, seems to be going down a path that is eroding everything that the NRA stood for. As we have presented on this website the NRA has a lot to answer for, and to make up for. Unfortunately it seems that the NRA’s approach, or that of certain individuals in management positions not only affects us members, shooters, tenants, but also employees. We have found online reviews by NRA employees. These go to show how desperately the NRA needs to change.

In the 2019 NRA Annual Report and Accounts published online on 15th May 2020, new Chairman David Lacey states the below. Something doesn’t add up…

Below you will see the internal view of Mercers committed executive team committed to securing the best outcomes…

These are taken from two of the major recruitment agencies and are verified employee reviews. Unbelievably, we are informed that in the past year or so the NRA department managed by Rick Wells (Head of Range Services) has has a staff turnover of 75+ staff as the environment is so toxic.

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