– NRA Selling Faulty Ammunition


Back in January 2019 we exposed the Andrew Mercer selling NRA ammunition they knew was causing, in their words, and ‘unacceptable number of incidents’ (see post below). Given the cancellation of this summers’ events, the NRA are clearly try to try their scheme once again and profit from their questionable stockpile. The ammunition went on sale on 16th July 2020 and a day later members have had issues with both the cratering and blowing of primers. Buyer beware! This is not a deal, it is an ammo dump by the NRA.

Of course the NRA are doing everything they can to disprove that it is the ammo, with their favourite pocket technical assistant John Bloomfield, who played a key part in procuring the ammunition, stating it ‘cannot be anything to do with the ammo’! More on John Bloomfield here. Please be responsible and safe when considering your ammunition purchases. The NRA simply won’t change if the same characters remain behind the scenes.


The UK NRA are now in the business of selling faulty ammunition which, as per their own description “the cartridges are now known to be overly powerful.  In some rifles this excess power may be sufficient to cause in particular but not exclusively malfunctioning of, or damage to, the boltface, extractor components, ejector components or firing pin in susceptible firearms”.

What would happen if a piece of broken extractor lodged in a barrel and obstructed the next round fired? This could very well blow up the rifle.

NRA CEO Andrew Mercer is selling faulty GGG ammunition to recover costs.

This GGG ammunition was the source of huge controversy in the last few years. An investigation even took place in January 2019 led by John Bloomfield and Andrew Mercer. This resulted in Mercer issuing a glowing report to Members concluding with his sales pitch…

The 2019 Imperial Meeting was indeed very special, however it was tainted by the continued issues with the GGG ammunition affecting many competitors and this rather overshadowed an event that is usually the highlight of the year. This is further evidence of the lack of due diligence conducted by the NRA, putting shooters at great risk.

Further to the “unacceptable number of incidents related to extractors during the Meeting” Andrew Mercer wrote the following:

After all the issues with the GGG ammunition the NRA is now trying to sell the affected ammunition as per the below.

Conveniently the disclaimer is as long as the sales pitch: “The National Shooting Centre Limited, its shareholders, directors, employees and agents, as a condition of sale of the ammunition at the discounted price, expressly disclaim direct and consequential liability arising from malfunctioning of, or damage to any of the boltface, extractor components, ejector components, firing pin or other component part of  any firearm in which the ammunition or the primed cases forming part of the ammunition is fired, regardless of the actual cause of such malfunction or damage. Fired cases should not be used for reloading”.

Why sell potentially dangerous ammunition?

Because the NRA spent a fortune of our funds purchasing it and now they want us to buy the faulty ammunition back off them.

NRA CEO Andrew Mercer has already been fined by the Guildford County court for not operating a secure Section 5 Armoury… now this. He should be held to account before he ruins the reputation of the NRA irreparably.

Link to the NRA selling faulty ammunition

Link to the NRA CEO Andrew Mercer not operating a secure Armoury