– NRA Take Over Bisley Shooting Ground

The NRA have taken over Bisley Shooting Ground, the family business run by father and son Anthony and Alexander Roupell. The announcement was made on the NRA website as follows:

There have been many mixed messages surrounding the NRA’s determination to take over Bisley Shooting Ground, including their usual bullying tactics as we have all witnessed, and it has cost the charity a significant amount given the many years of litigation. Frustration remains as to why the NRA are taking over a sporting clay shooting business given their lack of experience in this endeavour, and the NCSC is hardly a positive precedent. Instead why can’t the NRA focus on its rifle shooting objectives and those that will actually support its members. It seems that certain individuals simply wont learn that taking over tenants businesses, as they have done so many times before, usually doesn’t end well, and certainly doesn’t enthuse good businesses to join the camp.

Below is the message that was on the Bisley Shooting Ground GoFundMe page:

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  1. Sadly the Council Club and Cottesloe Hesth will lose it’s high standards to look cheap and providing a second rate service from people who don’t understand the sport and what it provides socially at it’s current level.

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