– NRA waste £10,000’s on Clay Shooting ‘Toys’ despite deficit

The NRA, having spent hundreds of thousands on litigation with Bisley Shooting Ground in order to ‘acquire’ this family business from its previous owners, have now apparently spent in excess of £45,000 on the clay sooting ground including the purchase of a ‘new toy’. This is at a time when the NRA’s deficit is around £1 million and we are in the middle of a pandemic which has resulted in a staggering loss of income (around £2 million) to the NRA Charity.

Last week the NRA finished the costly operation to dismantle, rebuild and extend an existing scaffolding tower on Cottesloe Heath, and this week they are ‘excited to announce’ they have taken delivery of a new crane which they boast is their ‘new toy’. According to sources they also rented two cherry picker cranes. Bisley Shooting Ground under the previous owners won Best Shooting Ground in the UK so why are more cranes and scaffolding even needed?

The rifle community is desperate to have better facilities at Bisley, there aren’t even acceptable toilets on camp and the country is lacking in ranges as a whole. Members rightly expect their funds to be spent on these, not buying ‘toys’ for clay shooting!

Who is responsible for this apparent waste of funds? Particularly as the Charity Commission are still scrutinising the NRA. Is it Andrew Mercer, Richie Valance or have the Trustees authorised such significant sums to be spend on a non-rifle activity that does nothing to serve the purpose of the Charity?

New scaffolding tower on Cottesloe Heath
NRA showing off their ‘new toy’.