We are a collection of individuals who have been brought together by our love of target shooting, and we are fed up and angry at the way in which the National Rifle Association is tearing it apart. Collectively we have been loyal members of the NRA for 325 years. Some of us spend more time at Bisley than others, particularly some of the transatlantic members, but it was the constant that brought us all together. This is the beauty of our sport and the benefit of such a far reaching activity that is not confined by the bounds of age or background.

Unfortunately over the past 6 or so years the very fabric that has made Bisley what we have known and loved, is being broken up and destroyed by a handfull of individuals. Those that manage the NRA operate under the mistaken impression that they are beyond reproach, protected under the banner of a Royal Charter. Sadly they have long been putting their own interests above those of the Charity and using crude and ruthless tactics for their personal benefit. Following this year’s Imperial it is clear that the NRA are also unable to find suitable competitor bullets following the disasters with GGG ammunition.

Many other loyal Members, Council Members and even some Trustees that we have met know that the rot has set in and that the NRA needs saving from itself, however are too fearful to take a public stance in case the NRA call them to disciplinary committee and, as has already happened to dissidents, ban them from Camp. What started many months ago, particularly following this year’s Imperial, has grown. Friends, colleagues and other parties have provided us with information that we feel must be shared.

We have come together to share facts and shine the light on what really happens at the NRA. We have heard from contractors, fellow members and clients. In some cases we are not sure what to think and cannot understand what the NRA stand to gain. Everything we deem important will go on our website. We are disappointed at the lack of investment into what should be a legacy site, and hugely frustrated at the ability of the CEO and others to silence members with threats and aggression. We are tired that they distract themselves with countless costly lawsuits which seem largely avoidable. Simply put our membership funds should not be being wasted they way they are.

We have decided to remain anonymous for now. We recognize that by doing so we may detract from our credibility but have decided this is better than being victimised. It is not in our interests to become public targets for the NRA and we would not want to risk the NRA taking away our right to shooting on the ranges that we have known for much of our lives.

We hope that you will take what you can from this site, and it will help give you a real insight into the NRA.

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This is a work in progress and we will endeavour to keep it updated.