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A Complaint of a Lady Verbally Abused and Threatened by Andrew Mercer.

Sent: Thursday, June 12, 2014 7:57 PM. Subject: incident regarding phoenix

I am informing you of an incident that took place on Thursday 22nd May 14. On arriving at the Bisley camp. My husband and I were unloading the van setting up for the show. We were parked on the grass side opposite the marquee, where we all have parked for many years. With that Mr Andrew Mercer who, I believe is the chief executive of the NRA. Mr Mercer then turned round to me and started shouting at me. I was well taken aback and asked him politely not to shout. My husband had already taken firearms into the marquee.

Mr Mercer then said move your van, no please, just shouting at me. I replied please just let us finish unloading and we will move. He then started acting like a crazy person and became very cross and angry. He said move that f—— van now or I will get you banned from my f—– camp site. By now I was frightened. One of the dealers, Guy Warnett, had heard someone shouting and came out of the marquee, and shouted over to me” are you ok Lez”. I said I think that man is crazy. With that my husband, came out of the Marquee.

I told him what had happened, and what had been said to me, he went over to the office to speak to Mr Mercer, the man in question, who by then was nowhere to be seen! I felt very vulnerable and threatened by this man. And felt as if I could not leave the marquee for the rest of the show in case I should bump into him again. The police were called to the camp and an incident number was given. The PC was 40567 Chowtee. The PC went to deal with the situation. The following day, people were arriving at Bisley and parking in the same place. There were several cars parked. Nothing was said to any of the people, even though they were parked there all day.

I do have photo evidence of the parked cars. I felt as Mr Mercer was just picking on me as I was a girl on my own and found his attitude very offensive, and felt very threatened and intimidated. Furthermore I will not tolerate this kind of behaviour from anybody! The only reason I did not retaliate is because I respect the guys that do the shows, and would not do anything to jeopardize their firearms licenses.

County Court Judgment Against the NRA PRESS RELEASE 30TH OCTOBER 2014No Way to treat a Lady. A reluctant report

On the 14th December 2013 NRA member Jessica Bayldon –Lee lodged her WW11 Mauser K98 ZF41 sniper, complete with matching numbered scope and bolt, with the National Rifle Association Armoury. On 10th January 2014 Miss Bayldon-Lee collected her rifle, to discover that the bolt and rare scope were missing. Jessica stated she would return later to give the armourer time to find the missing items. Upon Jessica’s return the missing items had not been located, Jessica left the Armoury and informed Thames Valley FEO of the theft of her property. Surrey CID was also informed. Jessica did not receive even a courtesy communication from the NRA regarding this extremely serious breach in firearms security and the desecration of her property. Jessica complained to NRA Chief Executive Officer Andrew Mercer by email.

Jessica’s attempts were ignored, until finally Mr Mercer accepted her telephone call. After numerous emails and discussion Mr. Mercer offered Jessica £2500, but wanted to keep her rifle minus the scope and bolt ?? Andrew Mercer stated “ If I return it to you, what do the NRA get our of it?” Jessica was appalled by his suggestion and arrogance.

Jessica contacted me as a Sportsman’s Association member, and fellow Bisley shooter. I advised her to get a realistic valuation for the Mauser and submit a claim to the NRA. I advised the NRA Trustees, that there should be an out of court settlement, I received no reply. Mr Mercer declined to co-operate, so I reluctantly advised Jessica to commence County Court proceedings. On the 27th October we attended Reading County Court. The District Judge stated that he would uphold Miss Bayldon-Lee’s claim as Andrew Mercer the NRA CEO was clearly not operating a secure Armoury. He ordered Mr Mercer to pay £4000 to Miss Bayldon-Lee in 28 days. Plus Miss Bayldon-Lee could keep her rifle. Mr. Mercer agreed.

This unfortunate saga could have been avoided if Mr. Mercer had used common sense, as now the NRA members have to foot the bill. And the NRA has a County Court Judgement against it. Surrey police have identified further thefts from the NRA Armoury. As an NRA member and Bisley Supporter, I am saddened to make this report. Mike Wells General Secretary SAGBNI

Sportsman’s Association News


Last month I informed readers of the appalling conduct of Andrew Mercer NRA Chief Executive Officer and his behaviour. Resulting in a County Court Judgment in favour of NRA member Jessica Bayldon-Lee. I was astonished to receive the following email from Jessica:

For the attention of the NRA TrusteesReference: County Court Judgment BAYLDON-LEE v NRA

The judgment in my favour, dated 27 October 2014, dictated that the sum of £3620 should be cleared in my account by 1600 hours today.  No payment has been made and, therefore, I herewith give notice that I have contacted the County Court and made an application for Warrant of Control, whereby either the High Court Bailiffs will enter your premises and seize goods to that value or the Court will freeze your bank accounts and assets until the money is paid in full. My claim will also be for the costs involved, interest on the monies due and costs for my time and inconvenience in making this further claim.

I hold you, the trustees, wholly responsible for Mr. Mercer’s continued victimisation of myself and my witness in this case, Mr. Dean White, a senior NRA instructor, for whom Mr. Mercer continues to withhold employment, to the detriment of the NRA, now lacking in qualified instructors sufficient to hold training courses for the benefit of new and current members as demand requires.

Mr. Mercer and you, as trustees, may feel that you are all above the Law – I will leave it to the Courts to remind you all that you are not.

Yours most sincerely,

Miss Jessica Bayldon-Lee

The Council members of the Sportsman’s Association were appalled to learn of this blatant sticking two fingers up at Miss Bayldon-Lee, what a way to treat one of their members.

An NRA Members’ Complaint Against Andrew Mercer Posted on the Internet

Downloaded from:

This article may be better viewed in full online, however the crux of the complaint is repeated as follows:

I Emailed the Chef Exec (Andrew Mercer). I had no reply from the Andrew, so called him. After getting through I asked if he had read my email and had got to the bottom of why this happens and why we couldn’t move lane? His reply and attitude I think sums up why the NRA are in such serious trouble.. He said that ‘I gets hundreds of emails a day and cant be expected to answer all of them’ Wow! I said what even the ones from your paying members and there complaints? ‘well I will ask the Range Office to look into this and get back to you’ So far it has been two weeks and not a reply!

Mr Mercer, I know your not a shooter and this is just another job to you (One that pays over £100.000+ per year), I believe you came from the leisure Industry and no doubt you will scurry back to it once you have failed in turning around the NRA.. But I am a shooter and have been for many years. I don’t get paid to shoot I pay to shoot!

I suggest a big part of the NRA’s problem is that if you treated the shooters with respect and value them you may have a thriving business… After all people are paying top dollar to lie in the cold for hours on end. I am staggered as to how you can fail to make money with a resource such as Bisley Camp and with a million licenced shooters?? Maybe it is because your organisation treats them with utter contempt and take there business for granted?!?!

Andrew Mercer’s Questionable UKPSA Insurance Warning

UK Shooting News. March 2014

‘I was being Mr Cautious’ says NRA’s Mercer over UKPSA insurance warning

Andrew Mercer has defended the NRA’s warning that UKPSA members may have been shooting while uninsured – and thereby committing criminal offences – by saying he was just being cautious and looking out for shooters.

In an interview with UK Shooting News, Mercer said the NRA became concerned about the insurance status of UKPSA members when he reviewed their NRA affiliation paperwork. “When we looked at UKPSA they made no capitation declarations,” Mercer told us. “What I’ve been trying to get is clarity about their members’ insurance. Their constitution says they will arrange insurance for members, but if they don’t pay any capitation then their members aren’t covered by NRA insurance.”

Clubs that affiliate to the NRA declare the number of NRA members on their books. Along with how many non-NRA members they have. Non-NRA members attract a premium on the club’s subscription, known as capitation. Payment of this includes those members within the NRA insurance scheme. The UKPSA have previously stated that they are arranging their own insurance outside of the NRA’s scheme.

Mercer was asked about rumours that the UKPSA had been blocked from re-affiliating to the NRA. “We do not affiliate national governing bodies,” he said, pointing out that bodies such as the NSRA are not affiliated to the NRA. “I think it’s inappropriate for an NGB to affiliate to another. The UKPSA do their own thing so we have little control over them.” Accordingly, the UKPSA will cease to be affiliated to the NRA from April. It appears to us that this is a new development. Andrew Mercer was working together with NRA Trustee James Harris who was expelled from the UKPSA for a disciplinary matter. Harris and Andrew Mercer attempted to take the IPSC franchise off the UKPSA. Which ultimately failed.

NRA CEO selling faulty ammunition

NRA CEO not operating a secure Section 5 Armoury