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– NRA waste £10,000’s on Clay Shooting ‘Toys’ despite deficit

The NRA, having spent hundreds of thousands on litigation with Bisley Shooting Ground in order to ‘acquire’ this family business from its previous owners, have now apparently spent in excess of £45,000 on the clay sooting ground including the purchase of a ‘new toy’. This is at a time when the NRA’s deficit is around £1 million and we are in the middle of a pandemic which has resulted in a staggering loss of income (around £2 million) to the NRA Charity.

Last week the NRA finished the costly operation to dismantle, rebuild and extend an existing scaffolding tower on Cottesloe Heath, and this week they are ‘excited to announce’ they have taken delivery of a new crane which they boast is their ‘new toy’. According to sources they also rented two cherry picker cranes. Bisley Shooting Ground under the previous owners won Best Shooting Ground in the UK so why are more cranes and scaffolding even needed?

The rifle community is desperate to have better facilities at Bisley, there aren’t even acceptable toilets on camp and the country is lacking in ranges as a whole. Members rightly expect their funds to be spent on these, not buying ‘toys’ for clay shooting!

Who is responsible for this apparent waste of funds? Particularly as the Charity Commission are still scrutinising the NRA. Is it Andrew Mercer, Richie Valance or have the Trustees authorised such significant sums to be spend on a non-rifle activity that does nothing to serve the purpose of the Charity?

New scaffolding tower on Cottesloe Heath
NRA showing off their ‘new toy’.

– Charity Commission launches easy guides for trustees

The Charity Commission has launched new ‘5 minute’ guides in an effort to help trustees. The NRA trustees would be well advised to read them as they explain the basics of:

The publications come as part of the Commission’s programme, outlined in its 2020/21 Business Plan, to deliver updated core guidance and an improved website, so that it is easier for trustees, who are overwhelmingly unpaid volunteers, to access the information they need. The Commission stresses that whilst the guides may be basic, they are designed to serve the needs of experienced trustees as well as those new to the role. It says that years of experience cannot immunise even the very best trustees from running into questions or problems…and as we all know there are questions and problems a plenty!

– Halloween Special

“Double, double, toil and trouble; fire burn, and cauldron bubble!”

All Saints’ Eve is upon us once again. Shrieks are heard in the night and skeletons exit closets. Speaking of which, NRA Secretary General Andrew Mercer is at the beating heart of most of the discontent and unrest at the NRA. His arrival is directly correlated with Bisley Camp losing that intangible magic, atmosphere and Clubhouses enjoyed by so many. It is sad to see how this individual, together with some others including ex-Chairman John Webster and ‘ballistics expert’ John Bloomfield could bring this great Charity into such disrepute. Yet here we are. The Charity Commission continue their investigation. The NRA is wasting Charitable funds on avoidable legal costs distracting Mercer such that he misses out on expanding into other National ranges. The NRA deficit is alarmingly high. More tenants have their lease renewals refused. Ammunition known to have issues is being sold off. Environmental concerns remain. NRA staff turnover is at a high due to poor management and a ‘toxic atmosphere‘ and uncertainty regarding COVID remains… Suffice to say 2020 is a year we would all rather see the back of. And some NRA officers with it.

Mercer: With a earnings boasted of £180k in 2018 he has reason to be smug…

As the Charity Commission recently hit national press investigating Charities to ensure they stick to their purpose and do what members expect of them, there was also an investigation to curb excessive executive pay. The NRA needs to take responsibility for the employment of Andrew Mercer and justify his salary against the balance of what the man has achieved, the costs and unwanted attention he has incurred, and the confidence that members have in him. Below is a reminder of the reference provided by Lowther Castle who previously employed Mercer. The writing is on the wall, have the NRA Trustees lost their glasses? A month long lockdown is upon us and members still want answers and justification.

The NRA continue to try to close us down, perhaps more focussed on this than investigating the facts and answering member questions. Andrew Mercer is riding his gravy train and sees no reason to stop. The fabric of the Charity, and Bisley Camp are in real danger. For the benefit of the Charity and for all of us who love what the NRA represented Bisley needs Saving. It only takes one rotten apple…


We have been touched by the support we have received and the size of our readership. It is unfortunate that we have to exist in this way, however brave individuals have tried to raise their concerns and questions in the past only to result in their persecution and silencing by the NRA. (See here for details on this). This is why this website exists. Take it or leave it, we will continue to shed the light on important Bisley matters. Make your own minds up.

Back to skeletons in closets, if you have any information or concerns you would like to share with us (with supporting evidence where possible) then we would love to hear from you. Contact us safely at We will treat your information anonymously as it could appear on this site.

Who needs Halloween, 2020 has been scary enough!

– NRA Caution Shooters Outside Bisley

In their news post of 27 August 2020 the NRA caution shooters outside Bisley. NRA Regional Ranges Manager, Nic Couldrey, writes what appears to be an effort to cover the NRA’s backside in the event that the faulty ammunition they are selling members has issue. This includes reminding ranges to ensure that ‘adequate insurance cover is in place’ and that ‘NRA members must familiarise themselves with range safety limits including the muzzle energy, muzzle velocity limits, safe engagement distances before commencing live firing’. Why don’t the NRA just stop trying to profit from selling us faulty ammunition?

– NRA Take Over Bisley Shooting Ground

The NRA have taken over Bisley Shooting Ground, the family business run by father and son Anthony and Alexander Roupell. The announcement was made on the NRA website as follows:

There have been many mixed messages surrounding the NRA’s determination to take over Bisley Shooting Ground, including their usual bullying tactics as we have all witnessed, and it has cost the charity a significant amount given the many years of litigation. Frustration remains as to why the NRA are taking over a sporting clay shooting business given their lack of experience in this endeavour, and the NCSC is hardly a positive precedent. Instead why can’t the NRA focus on its rifle shooting objectives and those that will actually support its members. It seems that certain individuals simply wont learn that taking over tenants businesses, as they have done so many times before, usually doesn’t end well, and certainly doesn’t enthuse good businesses to join the camp.

Below is the message that was on the Bisley Shooting Ground GoFundMe page:

– NRA Selling Faulty Ammunition


Back in January 2019 we exposed the Andrew Mercer selling NRA ammunition they knew was causing, in their words, and ‘unacceptable number of incidents’ (see post below). Given the cancellation of this summers’ events, the NRA are clearly try to try their scheme once again and profit from their questionable stockpile. The ammunition went on sale on 16th July 2020 and a day later members have had issues with both the cratering and blowing of primers. Buyer beware! This is not a deal, it is an ammo dump by the NRA.

Of course the NRA are doing everything they can to disprove that it is the ammo, with their favourite pocket technical assistant John Bloomfield, who played a key part in procuring the ammunition, stating it ‘cannot be anything to do with the ammo’! More on John Bloomfield here. Please be responsible and safe when considering your ammunition purchases. The NRA simply won’t change if the same characters remain behind the scenes.


The UK NRA are now in the business of selling faulty ammunition which, as per their own description “the cartridges are now known to be overly powerful.  In some rifles this excess power may be sufficient to cause in particular but not exclusively malfunctioning of, or damage to, the boltface, extractor components, ejector components or firing pin in susceptible firearms”.

What would happen if a piece of broken extractor lodged in a barrel and obstructed the next round fired? This could very well blow up the rifle.

NRA CEO Andrew Mercer is selling faulty GGG ammunition to recover costs.

This GGG ammunition was the source of huge controversy in the last few years. An investigation even took place in January 2019 led by John Bloomfield and Andrew Mercer. This resulted in Mercer issuing a glowing report to Members concluding with his sales pitch…

The 2019 Imperial Meeting was indeed very special, however it was tainted by the continued issues with the GGG ammunition affecting many competitors and this rather overshadowed an event that is usually the highlight of the year. This is further evidence of the lack of due diligence conducted by the NRA, putting shooters at great risk.

Further to the “unacceptable number of incidents related to extractors during the Meeting” Andrew Mercer wrote the following:

After all the issues with the GGG ammunition the NRA is now trying to sell the affected ammunition as per the below.

Conveniently the disclaimer is as long as the sales pitch: “The National Shooting Centre Limited, its shareholders, directors, employees and agents, as a condition of sale of the ammunition at the discounted price, expressly disclaim direct and consequential liability arising from malfunctioning of, or damage to any of the boltface, extractor components, ejector components, firing pin or other component part of  any firearm in which the ammunition or the primed cases forming part of the ammunition is fired, regardless of the actual cause of such malfunction or damage. Fired cases should not be used for reloading”.

Why sell potentially dangerous ammunition?

Because the NRA spent a fortune of our funds purchasing it and now they want us to buy the faulty ammunition back off them.

NRA CEO Andrew Mercer has already been fined by the Guildford County court for not operating a secure Section 5 Armoury… now this. He should be held to account before he ruins the reputation of the NRA irreparably.

Link to the NRA selling faulty ammunition

Link to the NRA CEO Andrew Mercer not operating a secure Armoury

– NRA Cash in on Chobham Ridge?

Yes Chobham Ridge has a good view, but the NRA are charging shooters £500 (for up to 5 people) for the use of one firing point over 3.5 hours! Taking into account changeover times you would be lucky to get 40 minutes of shooting per person. Throw in the cost of the ammunition and it goes up even more. With travel time, safety briefings and stoppage for markers etc it also takes up the best part of a day.

We already pay NRA membership, have been locked down for months and are keen to get back onto the ranges, why can’t the NRA price things sensibly? Do they really need our money so much that they overprice services like this?

– NRA AGM 30 May 2020

Key questions avoided

Martin Osment asks Chairman David Lacey the following with regard to NRA auditors. The Chairman suggests that treasurer Andrew Reynolds speaks, but then reverses and refuses to answer the questions.

1. Hayes Macintyre are only reappointed auditors if the accounts are reissued with a note explaining what the professional spend on the Bisley Shooting Ground Limited matter was to December 2019 and to April 2020, and an estimate of potential spend. 

2. The trustees must include a note explaining which RICS and legal firms are advising them in this matter. They should confirm that the advice they have received meets the Charity Commission definition of commerciality. The trustees shall include in their note the estimated benefit of winning this action. 

3. The trustees shall undertake to produce annual audited service charge accounts the first of these shall be also certified by a competent RICS firm. 

4. The trustees shall issue an analysis by individual lease or other matter of the last 5 years professional spend. 

There is growing concern that the professional spend on the matter with Bisley Shooting Ground Limited is spiralling wildly out of control. The 2019 NRA accounts state “The litigation instigated by Bisley Shooting Ground Limited in June 2019 has had a significant financial effect on the NRA“. Why are we not being told what the amount is?

@thetimes suffers further abuse as NRA asked to retire their trophy: