John Bloomfield

John Paul Spencer Bloomfield, born September 1956, is based in Nottinghamshire where he is Director of Nottinghamshire Rifle Association Limited (00726693) which covers Small-bore (including Lightweight Sport Rifle), Full-bore (including Vintage Arms), and Black Powder (muzzle loading) disciplines. Appointed on 17 April 2019. Corporate Address: 27A Millicent Road, Nottinghamshire, NG2 7PZ. Otherwise based at his caravan on Bisley Camp. In 2006 he took fellow NRA Trustee Reginald Roberts to court over £400 for rifle storage, whilst for sale. Here is the court Document.

Bloomfield is an ex-Trustee of the NRA, ex Chairman of the Shooting Committee, is an Ordinary Member of the General Council and still on the NRA Shooting Committee. He is a gunsmith and promotes himself as an ‘expert witness on Firearms and Ballistics’ despite neither being approved as an expert witness by the Law Society, nor being registered with any UK institutions as a ballistics expert. Bloomfield was a key player in choosing the disastrous GGG ammo that caused such upset and issues at the Imperial, and is now ‘investigating’ what went wrong.

Apparently Bloomfield has been tampering with rifles in order to help increase rifle pressures and accuracy in competitions. This includes apparently unscrewing the barrels, the screw thread shortened by 62.5 thousandth of an inch, the shoulder of the barrel where it touches the action being milled back the same 62.5 thousandth of an inch. Therefore when screwed back the Proof mark appears in the same place despite the rifle chamber being 62.5 thousandth of an inch shorter. More here.

In 2018 Bloomfield went to Lithuania with John Webster & Andrew Mercer when they had other ammo problems. Suffice to say he is at the heart of many curious incidents.

In 2019 John Bloomfield was kicked out of the NLRC for not paying his dues…the only individual who stood up for him and was against his removal was none other than NRA Chairman John Webster. Webster was practically booed out of the room for it.

John Bloomfield is using his lockdown time to try to weazel his way back onto the NRA Board of Trustees. The NRA may be desperate. COVID is taking its toll, the Charity is under ever-growing scrutiny from Members and the Charity Commission is deeply unimpressed with the vast amount of funds spent on litigation. The NRA deficit is also alarming. Two Trustee spaces are available following the departure of James Harris and Alice Gran. The question is who want want to join, only to face the pending scrutiny? The tragedy is that, now more than ever, Bisley needs saving and the Charity needs honest individuals with high integrity to step up and represent. November 2020 update: Bloomfield is not made a Trustee.

Bloomfield – incorrect dealer ticket and shooting without a firearm certificate.

In 2018 there was another issue raised concerning Bloomfield regarding his dealers ticket which was issued in Norfolk. Bloomfield however trades as a gunsmith in other counties without being registered there. It also transpires Bloomfield didn’t have a firearms certificate (FAC), but was shooting competitively on his dealers ticket which is strictly forbidden. Someone at Bisley dobbed him in, but sadly all he got was a slapped wrist and the NRA took no action!

Oxford University Rifle Club – refuse to deal with Bloomfield after issues.

In 2016 Oxford undergraduates went to John Bloomfield’s premises to make ammunition to his instruction. Bloomfield provided all guidance and components. This ammunition resulted in blown primers in Match Rifles and several head separations. Given the obvious danger and unreliability Oxford University RC therefore refused to deal with Bloomfield and sourced their ammunition from a better gunsmith, Tom Reynolds. Bloomfield publicly and privately berated Reynolds very aggressively for stealing his business.

At the 2016 Bisley General Meeting questions were asked about conflicts of interest involving John Bloomfield:

Silke Lohmann, Co-opted Member of the Membership Committee (who became an NRA Trustee in 2019):

Chairman, ladies and gentlemen. In the capacity of co-opted member of the Membership Committee I try and represent the general membership to the best of my ability. Loyalty is very important to me and I can understand that the Trustee’s decision making can be affected by loyalty to fellow  trustees. However, l may I stress that the Charity Act says “a conflict of interest is any situation in which a Trustee’s personal interest or loyalties could or could be seen to prevent them from making a decision only in the best interest of the Charity.

Due to some unfortunate circumstances, I have been informed of various incidents that would suggest that the head of the Shooting Committee and Trustee, Mr John Bloomfield, has a conflict of interest. I will only name a few  incidents which have been reported to me, but I consider these to be the tip of the iceberg, but I feel they portray a variety of conflicts we are faced with.

Rule 156, that is an MR rule, recently amended this year, which was for no obvious reasons to MR shooters. However, Mr Bloomfield as Chairman of the Shooting Committee, and I’m not aware he is any longer a Match Rife shooter, he seemed to be keen for this rule change. The appearance of that was during the Match Rife meeting selling rests with specifications outlined in the amended rule, sold by Mr Bloomfield and Mr Mik Maksimovic, resulted in suggestions that there was a conflict of interest here.

I don’t want to talk about the meeting ammunition incident in detail as it still needs to be investigated, but it has come to my attention that a similar incident, more severe in fact, was never properly investigated. The Chairman of the Shooting Committee persuaded Mr Andrew Mercer that a proper investigation wasn’t necessary. A clear conflict of interest given that Mr Bloomfield had also supervised the making of that ammunition.

I’m sure you will all agree with me that it is not appropriate for a Trustee to threaten or bully a fellow  gunsmith because they have accepted some business with [which] Mr Bloomfield used to be part of. I have a print out of his most recent threatening email and if anyone would like to see that, that’s not a problem. I can also provide further reading material if necessary.

I didn’t really want to bring up Rule 150 as we are still awaiting the results from the Proof House, I believe. I believe further tests to determine the permitted jump are still outstanding. But I was surprised to hear that the Chairman of the Shooting Committee, supposedly received £6,000 for his time to conduct the tests for the NRA.

It is quite a significant sum and I think it should have probably been put out to tender to avoid any conflict of interest. I assume that special authority for the Trustee’s payment, because there’s some governing document or proof that authority was provided by the Charity Commission in advance.

The Charity Commission states that even the appearance of a conflict of interest can damage the charity’s reputation. So conflicts of interest need to be managed carefully and always with transparency. As much as I value loyalty, which Trustees have a duty to stop conflicts of interest or they are in danger of committing a conflict of loyalty. I urge the Trustees to give this some serious attention and ask for an investigation by a competent party.

Thank you very much. (round of applause and cheers)

Regarding being paid, Bloomfield replies “as far as being paid is concerned, I have not been paid for any of the work that I have done”. Why lie? It is clear from NRA accounts 2015 that he has. See below.

View the 2016 Bisley General Meeting Minutes here. (p11-12)

At the 2017 AGM Further Questions Raised regarding Bloomfield

View the 2017 Bisley AGM Minutes here. (p17-18)

More on the 3 Blown Primers here.

Bloomfield uses his position on Council to blame others…

Despite the fact that it seems John Bloomfield is deeply untrustworthy, and has for years had questions asked about his blatant conflicts of interest, below you will see how, in 2019 he uses his position in General Council to try to tar others and attempt to remove people from General Council who are asking too many questions and litigating against the NRA. Coming from him…

NRA General Council Minutes 14.06.19 p3

Is Bloomfield getting free electricity whilst others are overcharged?

Bloomfield has a caravan on Bisley Camp from which he conducts his business. Unlike other such caravans Bloomfield’s is the only one with a permanent mains connection. As far as we know and have found out, there is no meter involved. It seems that whilst hard-working and rent-paying tenants are being over-charged for electricity, Bloomfield is ‘tapping the mains’ at Members’ cost.

  • If the NRA put the connection in place, why?
  • Who paid for it, and on what basis does the NRA charge the user for the electricity consumed?
  • If the NRA did not put the connection in place, who did, and does the NRA know about it?
  • If they do not, and are not being paid then it is theft of electricity.
Blomfield tapping electricity
John Bloomfield’s caravan plugged into the NRA electricity mains

Below is an extract taken on 31.12.19 the morning of our Facebook post regarding the above. As you can see, the NRA are thick as thieves…

Karen Robertson is married to ex RAF helicopter pilot Ian Robertson the NRA’s ‘Safety, Legal & Technical’ Representative. Apparently both Karen and Ian lived rent free on Bisley Camp for over 11 years despite attempts to get them to pay arrears. Ian Robertson was on a list of debtors but no action was taken by Trustees, one of which was John Bloomfield… Yet currently the NRA are pursuing aggressive rent increases on other tenants.

Karen Robertsons’ response to our suggestions of her being rent-free were as follows: “. . . We did NOT live rent-free for any period of time and the NRA did NOT attempt to request arrears. It is common knowledge that all the tenants of Victoria Row had a dispute with the lease and as any legal-minded person would know you cannot pay your rent whilst there is a dispute or it creates a contract. We (and others) didn’t pay rent ON THE ADVICE OF THE NRA’S OWN SOLICITORS! All due rent was paid at one go once the lease was sorted. And obviously I have proof of all the above“.

In any other circumstances a responsible landlord would have taken action to terminate the lease/licence. It was the National Shooting Centre (the for profit arm of the NRA), that requested the arrears, acting on the members’ behalf trying to gather in revenue owed by debtors who thought that they could act as they liked and remain unchallengeable given their connections within the NRA. The NSC could not act without approval of the NRA trustees, which was suspiciously not granted. Karen Robertson admits she and her husband paid no rent whilst in dispute. Supposedly on advice from the NRA. So the point is substantiated that the Robertsons paid NO rent throughout this 11 year period, which would be unprecedented in any other area.

During this time the leases on properties on camp were not for permanent residence but only for temporary residence while engaged on shooting events. The only exception being stewards of the Clubhouses on site. It is understood that the Robertsons were in permanent residence on Camp.

So where is this proof/evidence she claims she has of why she was allowed by the NRA to live rent free on site for 11 years? It would be most interesting to know who signed off on this matter. During this time her husband, on the board of NRA trustees, voted to increase the costs of subscriptions and competition entry fees to members in order to meet the shortfall in the NRAs income.

The Robertsons were on a list of debtors reported by the NSC to the NRA trustees at a time when the NRA was in debt to over £30k.

Make up your own minds, we just want to ask the questions and get answers.

Questions regarding Bloomfield’s electricity remain…

  • All electricity used in Bisley Camp comes from the NRA electricity supply network,  even if it passes though another tenant’s distribution box first.
  • Bloomfield’s arrangement was discussed with and approved by the MD of NSC at the time before the cable was run as it required a trench to be dug for the supply cable.
  • Bloomfield says his electricity agreement was “approved by the MD of NSC”,  then he states “it had been approved by NSC”. “Approved by the MD of NSC” is not the same as being officially approved by the NSC itself, nor indeed by the NRA, then or now.
  • Was there a formal approval and agreement with the NSC, not just personally with the MD? If so there would be a record. Where is the record?
  • When Bloomfield says “NRA received full payment for all electricity I used via that arrangement”. Who paid the NRA for the electricity used, Bloomfield or the tenant of the source?
  • Bloomfield says the electricity came from Ranfurly Lodge. The NSC may have had some hand in the original set-up, but does the NRA today know that at least one of its site tenants is selling-on electricity from the NRA’s Camp network?

When Bloomfield’s electricity supply was installed:

  • Was it with the knowledge and written consent of the NRA?
  • Was it (as required by the regulations) installed and connected by a qualified and certified electrician?
  • Will the NRA now permit any other caravan site tenant who wishes to do so,  to make a private arrangement with a neighbour for an electricity supply, and to dig the necessary trenches for the mains cable?

“What is sauce for a ‘golden goose’, is sauce also for the common ganders”

Comment referring to Bloomfield’s preferential electricity supply deal.