NRA Chairman David Lacey (since February 2020)

David Lacey was a partner at Stevenson Harwood, however in August 2020 changed to a ‘consultant’. Lacey has been involved in a range of structured finance transactions including invoice discounting, project finance, acquisition finance and cross-border secured lending.  He has worked both for finance providers and for borrowers which has given him a thorough understanding of the issues that are important to both sides in a transaction.

Despite the importance of the Chairman’s role, it was not publicly advertised, nor were others been given the opportunity to apply. Instead, when Ex Chairman John Webster left, his co-opted Trustee, recently made Vice-Chairman was the only candidate available. General Council were unimpressed at this move and were allowed to vote on the new Chairman. They did and the Trustees announced that the result was that Lacey was voted in. They were never offered the actual voting numbers for / against…

The suspicion is that he will then maintain the current course of the NRA, pursuing the personal agenda of Webster, other Trustees and the CEO over that of the Charity. We hope that this is note the case as Lacey is in a unique position to actually make a difference and try to restore the NRA to its former glory.