November 2020 update: The NRA have added Gary Alexander, Charles Dickenson and Julia Hilger-Ellis as Trustees.


John Bloomfield needs no introduction, see link, and is using his lockdown time to try to weazel his way back onto the NRA Board of Trustees. The NRA may be desperate. COVID is taking its toll, the Charity is under ever-growing scrutiny from Members and the Charity Commission is deeply unimpressed with the vast amount of funds spent on litigation. The NRA deficit is also alarming. Two Trustee spaces are available following the departure of James Harris and Alice Gran. The question is who want want to join, only to face the pending scrutiny? The tragedy is that, now more than ever, Bisley needs saving and the Charity needs honest individuals with high integrity to step up and represent.

Early 2020

InMarch 2020 without consultation to General Council or advising Membership the National Rifle Association changed their Trustees. Relatively unknown individuals Robert Bruce, Tom Putt and Andrew Nebel are new Trustees. David Evans is no longer a trustee. There is no Vice Chairman, Chairman of Disciplinary Committee or Chairman of Membership Committee. Clearly the NRA remain an opaque organisation, contrary to their 7th February 2020 Public Press Release on their website.

Charity Commission Investigation 2019

“The trustees have failed to identify whether the current trustee body has the necessary skills and experience to take the Charity forward”. More here.

NRA Looking to Co-Opt 2 New Trustees

On 7th November 2019 the NRA released a post saying The NRA, a registered charity, is seeking to appoint two new co-opted trustees to the Council of the Association (the board of trustees). How convenient that the Chairman, of whom many questions are being asked, should have the benefit of choosing which sycophants will be chosen.

…and the comments to the post are suggesting Mik Maksimovic, an ex NRA Trustee (and old friend of Webster). Mik Maksimovic is a skilled and knowledgeable shooter who still shoots F Class competitively, and is currently the Team GB teams manager. However unfortunately in 2019 Mik was in crown court proceedings for alleged illegal arms smuggling into the UK. Mick Maksimovic, together with fellow ex Trustee John Bloomfield ensured there was a change to NRA rule 156 allowing them both to profit from selling an item that was required by that rule change!

Early March 2020, without consultation of council or advising membership the NRA have changed their Trustees. David Evans is not a trustee. Robert Bruce, Tom Putt and Andrew Nebel have been added as trustees. These individuals are unknown to most we have spoken to.

Furthermore the National Rifle Association no longer has: a Vice Chairman, Chairman of Disciplinary Committee or Chairman of Membership Committee.

No staff or directors are mentioned at all under the National Shooting Centre (NSC).

This is all the more underhand given the NRA’s Press Release on 7th February 2020 stating:

“The improved documentation and procedures that the Trustees have put in place as a result of the action plan issued by the Commission will be of significant benefit to the charity. These include greater clarity around the separation of the NRA and its commercial subsidiary, National Shooting Centre Limited, new governance structures, a new Disciplinary Code and new procedures for the granting and renewing of leases. The Trustees appreciate the help and advice that they have received from the Charity Commission on these issues and feel strongly that the NRA is in a better position for the future having implemented the action plan. The Trustees also agree wholeheartedly with the sentiments expressed by Helen Earner, Director of Operations. Trustees are rightly expected to uphold high standards of common decency and behaviour”.

NRA Press Release in response to Charity Commission Outcome Report 7th February 2020

David Evans

David Godfrey Finch Evans. 25 June 1943, is Ex Vice Chairman of the NRA and Chairman of the NRA Disciplinary Body during the atrocious affront on Dr Robin Pizer. Based at Four Weirs, Horsebridge Road, Kings Somborne, Stockbridge, Hampshire, SO20 6PT and the proud owner of a wonderful restored farmhouse in Tuscany, ‘La Tartaruga’. David Evans was also CEO Andrew Mercer’s line manager along with Chairman John Webster and therefore has a lot to answer for given the complete lack of due diligence in hiring him.

Career timeline:

  • Vice Chairman and Chairman of the Disciplinary Body, National Rifle Association of the UK. Since August 2014.
  • Chairman, Kings Somborne & District Horticultural Society
  • Director and President, North Hampshire Chamber Of Commerce. June 1998 – March 2011.
  • Director, Cooling Equipment Services Limited 2001 – 2004. Secretary from 1997-2004
  • Director, Basingstoke District Chamber Of Commerce Limited 1992 – 2006
  • Secretary, Ideal Standard Porcher (UK) Limited. 1991 – 1992 and 1997 – 2004. Also a director 1991 – 1992, and for six months in 1993.
  • Director, Lawnet Limited. 1996 – 2001
  • Secretary, Aero Stanrew Holdings Limited. January 1998 – February 1998
  • Director, Promar International Limited. 1994 – 1996
  • Director, Dynamic Analysis Ltd. 30 November 1992 – 4 October 1993. Previous company name: Gofinch 31 Limited (30 Nov 1992 – 12 Oct 1993)

James Harris

James Harris is Chairman of the Shooting Committee and Target Shotgun Representative. James Harris also runs the NRA Shotgun League, the official Target Shotgun League of the NRA, and numerous other shooting events. Based in Windlesham, James Harris is dating Katia Malcaus Cooper, the NRA Marketing and Communications Manager and Conservative Surrey Heath Councillor.

James Harris has a background in project management in the infrastructure construction sector, with experience in procurement and project processes.

James Harris has apparently had a long-term long term vendetta with the United Kingdom Practical Shooting Association (UKPSA) founded in 1977. Harris was expelled from the UKPSA for a disciplinary matter. Harris and Andrew Mercer attempted to take the IPSC franchise off the UKPSA. Which ultimately failed. James Harris became NRA Target Shotgun Rep and tried to build up a new splinter faction for the sport at the NRA. This included using the front cover of the NRA Journal to promote the sport which has nothing to do with the NRA’s remit. Surely this is the prime space to secure advertising revenue? See below.

In further efforts to disrupt the UKPSA, Andrew Mercer disseminated false rumours about members of UKPSA concerning its insurance arrangements, alleging that members were shooting uninsured and thus criminally. The blog seems to allege that Mercer made his claims after the UKPSA stated it would be arranging its own insurance separately from the NRA UK’s policy and has refused to let the association re-affiliate with the NRA UK. NRA Facebook post here. Web Article here. This conveniently coincided with NRA and Target Shotgun rep Trustee James Harris‘s long term vendetta with the UKPSA.

James Harris – a limited response to the comment online.
James Harris NRA - long term vendetta with the UKPSA
Target Shotgun on the coveted front page of NRA Journal

Nicholas Brasier

Nicholas Roderick John Brasier, born November 1962 became both an NRA Trustee and Director of the NRA’s National Shooting Centre in 2019, despite clear conflicts of interest.

Career timeline:

  • Director of the NRA’s for profit arm (together with NRA Trustee Alice Gran), the NSC. 23 October 2019 despite this going against the NRA’s own hiring procedure. Full details here.
  • Trustee, National Rifle Association of the UK, and previous member of the NRA Council.
  • Director, Innoverce Engineering Ltd since 9 September 2016. Dukes Ride, Gerrards Cross, England, SL9 7LD.
  • Director, London Middlesex Rifle Association, 17 July 2007. Bisley Camp, Brookwood, Woking, Surrey, England, GU24 0PA.
  • Marketing Manager, NRJ Management 16 July 2001. Dukes Ride, Gerrards Cross, Buckinghamshire, SL9 7LD
  • Marketing Manager / Director LMRA Trading 12 February 2000. C/O London & Middlesex Rifle Association, Bisley Camp, Brookwood, Woking, Surrey, England, GU24 0PA

Alice Gran

Alice Nathalie Gran Stimpson, September 1949 is a lawyer based in Harrow with board experience. Alice Gran studied at the University of Rochester, BA, (1970), then attended George Washington University Law School (1973; LLM, in Taxation, (1987). She was admitted to the Bar in 1973, in the District of Columbia. Alice Gran is a member of the British Sporting Rifle Club currently being targeted for takeover by the NRA.

Career timeline:

  • Director of the NRA’s for profit arm (together with new NRA Trustee Nicholas Brazier), the NSC. 23 October 2019 despite this going against the NRA’s own hiring procedure. Full details here.
  • Trustee, National Rifle Association of the UK, and member of the NRA Council. Since 2014.
  • Senior Vice President and General Counsel, SEACOR Holdings Inc. 1998 – 2010. Washington D.C. Alice Gran was responsible for managing legal, insurance and risk management functions, and was a director of various SEACOR subsidiaries.
  • Partner in the Washington, D.C. law firm of Fort & Schlefer, L.L.P. From 1978 until 1998.
  • Lawyer at Slater & Zeien, L.L.P. in Washington D.C.
  • A family business (Derek Alice Gran Stimpson). Her husband is only other Director in this Consulting company. 2013 – present.
  • Witt O’Brien’s Ltd. 2007 – 2010
  • Southern Crewing Services Limited. 2004 – 2010
  • Seacor Marine (International) Limited. 2001 – 2010
  • Seacor Capital (UK) Limited. 2000 – 2010
  • Boston Putford Offshore Safety Limited. 2000 – 2010
  • NRC Servicing Limited. 2004 – 2010
  • Company Secretary, Globe Wireless UK Holdings Limited. May 1999 – December 1999

Reg Roberts

Reginald Martin Roberts, born in Australia in April 1956 and based in Rusper, West Sussex, arrived in theUK in February 1983, after obtaining his accountancy articles in Sydney. Reg Roberts runs Target Group, of which two companies – Target Recruitment Solutions Limited and Target Appointments Limited – went into voluntary liquidation. He is a Fellow Chartered Accountant and a member of the Recruitment & Employment Confederation (REC) and owns and operates property investment portfolios in the UK, Australia and Canada. Reg Roberts has toured in GB teams, as a coach and Captain. He started his shooting career as a cadet in 1971 with The Kings School, Parramatta. Reg is also affiliated with the Ibis Rifle Club, which rents space at Bisley Camp.

Career Timeline:

  • Trustee and Ordinary Member of the General Council, National Rifle Association of the UK
  • Managing Director and Owner, Target Group a group of recruitment agencies operating in the South of England, with links to the Southern Hemisphere
  • Director, E S Recruitment (Frome) Limited. 2008
  • Director, A M Personnel (Bath) Limited. 2007. Previously called Target Appointments (Bath) Limited for the first two months of its incorporation.
  • Director, B O S Recruitment Services (Worthing) Limited. 2007. Previously called Target Appointments (Worthing) Limited, for the first two months of its incorporation.
  • Director, Australasian Temp Company Limited. 2002
  • Director, Target Recruitment Solutions Limited. 2002
  • Director, Target Appointments Limited. 1992

Reg Roberts was elected as a Trustee in September 2016. Trustees serve 3 years. Why is Reg Roberts still a Trustee?

More to come…