Richie Vallance

Richie Vallance served in the army for 20+ years and joined the NRA as ‘General Manager of Sporting Clay Ranges’ in January 2019. This was a strange appointment given that the NRA do not run any ‘Sporting Clay Ranges’, and now he is apparently paid to hire others by recruiting a New NCSC Shooting Manager for £30-35k…

“The NRA own and operates the National Clays shooting Centre, built in 2000 with Lottery Funding for the Manchester 2002 Commonwealth Games. There are two types of Clay shooting, the Formal Clay Shooting Disciplines and Sporting Clay. The National Clay Shooting Centre is a Formal Clay range.

Andrew Mercer, NRA Chief Executive said “I am pleased as punch to have Richie leading the new team to develop our world class sporting clay shooting operation at Bisley”.

What sporting clay operation? The only sporting clays at Bisley are run by Bisley Shooting Ground a private company who is also litigating against the NRA for trying to steal their business. The ‘world class sporting operation’ mentioned by Mercer.

Given that the NRA’s only clay shooting facility is a non-sporting layout and has been run by Barry Desborough for 17 Years, what are we paying Richie Vallance to do as Sporting Clays General Manager?

To make matters more confusing, in an apparent effort to waste more of our Member funds, Richie Vallance announces on 18th December 2019 that Barry is leaving and that he is hiring a new ‘Shooting Manager National Clay Shooting Centre’ for £30-35k! More money going out.

  • What has Vallance been doing for the whole of 2019?
  • What is he doing once a new Manager is hired in 2020?
  • Why doesn’t Vallance step into the available NCSC role given that his current title would suggest he has nothing to do? At least there is a Formal Clay Shooting Discipline.

What Vallance has been doing is, together with Andrew Mercer, attempting to ‘interfere, damage and frustrate’ Bisley Shooting Ground, who do operate Sporting Clays on Camp.

Why are NRA Members paying what apparently amounts towards £20,000 on surveys including soil samples of a clay ground? What benefit to the Charity are these surveys? How does it help us NRA Members?

Link to the page here.

Richie Vallance & Bisley Sporting

As per an NRA Press Release, Richie Vallance actually works with Claire Rubley at ‘Bisley Sporting Ground’. An NRA business whose Facebook page was set up on 27 November 2018, and seems to purely exist to try and take over sporting clays from privately run Bisley Shooting Ground. The Facebook page is clearly run by them in a blatant attempt to come across as Bisley Shooting Ground. See below.

Click here to read the full NRA Press Release

This Facebook post by Bisley Sporting Ground clearly shows the Council Club which we all know is the office of Bisley Shooting Ground

Bisley Sporting Ground, via Richie Vallance, go on to promote the NCSC Shooting Manager Position in another post.

Questions asked re new Clay Manager

In the most extraordinary turn of events that we have ever seen at a Bisley Meeting, Webster was asked, at the 23rd July 2019 BGM 2019, by a Member about the planned takeover of the sporting clay shooting at Bisley Shooting Ground:

“You said it was going to be under new management, you put an article out in the Journal, you hired a Clay Manager, presumably you had a business plan otherwise you wouldn’t have hired the gentleman, and as you say, you can make significant capital investments, and I don’t expect you to be able to talk it off to the nearest decimal place, but I would like to know how quickly you think you
will be able to replenish our reserves from the expenditure spent on taking over something like BSG. It could be a number of, we think, two to three years, three to four?? I’m not talking massive amounts of detail, but I’d have thought sir if that was that significant you’d have been very well briefed and you’d be able to give us the answer.”

“We think it will be 18 months in pay back. We did hire people, and they put together plans, we gave notice for these people (BSG) to quit a year ago, and their lease expired on 30th June. Up to 25th June, they gave us every indication
that they were leaving. But they haven’t

This then causes Alex Roupell, MD of Bisley Shooting to take up the microphone and say “The simple question is, you’ve just stated that up until the 25th June, Bisley Shooting Ground said that they were going to leave. I have factual, documentary evidence that since 2017 I have been offering to communicate, negotiate and discuss with your Chief Executive and your Trustees. I have personally sent you, and your Trustees, because your Chief Executive refused to
pass it on, a proposal that was preferential to the NRA, cost saving to the NRA, it offered increased rent, greater access to ranges, and I have in a year not heard back from any single one of the Trustees, or yourself…”

Why is Webster lying and why are the NRA wasting Member funds on clay shooting when what we want is better facilities for rifle shooting!

Link to the BGM 2019 Minutes here. (p18)