NRA Scamming Tenants’ Electricity Costs

The NRA are suspected to have been adding a premium to the electricity costs they charge their tenants, thereby scamming them. The North London Rifle Clubhouse are having to take the NRA to court as they have evidence suggesting that NRA CEO Andrew Mercer involved. Mercer and the NRA are refusing to answer basic questions and disclose their provider costs. Hence the Club having to resort to legal proceedings. The NRA is now trying to out-spend the NLRC, wasting more Charitable and Membership funds.

Previously the Vice Chairman of ABCAT (Association of Bisley Clubs & Tenants) asked the NRA Chairman simple questions regarding their electricity provider. The NRA Chairman replies: “I can see no reason why you would expect to have access to such information”!

View the email exchanges re Electricity Costs here

Ex NRA Trustee and current General Council Member John Bloomfield, yes the same John Bloomfield who is an NRA gunsmith apparently tampering with rifles, has a caravan on Bisley Camp from which he conducts his business. Unlike other such caravans Bloomfield’s is the only one with a permanent mains connection. As far as we know and have found out, there is no meter involved. It seems that whilst hard-working and rent-paying tenants are being over-charged for electricity, Bloomfield is ‘tapping the mains’ at our cost.

More on John Bloomfield here

  • If the NRA put the connection in place, why?
  • Who paid for it, and on what basis does the NRA charge the user for the electricity consumed?
  • If the NRA did not put the connection in place, who did, and does the NRA know about it?
  • If they do not, and are not being paid then it is theft of electricity.
John Bloomfield’s caravan plugged into the NRA electricity mains

Below is an extract taken on 31.12.19 the morning of our Facebook post regarding the above. As you can see, the NRA are thick as thieves…