The National Shooting Centre (NSC)

The National Shooting Centre (NSC) is the wholly owned trading subsidiary of the National Rifle Association. The NSC operates rifle and ‘formal discipline’ shotgun ranges (via the National Clays Shooting Centre NCSC) on the NRA’s Bisley range complex; and provides armoury services, accommodation and hospitality services.

Charity Commission Requires NSC to be held at arms length from NRA

Andrew Mercer, who appears to have a financial incentive to increasing turnover for the Charity, is the CEO of the NRA Charity and the sole director of the National Shooting Centre (NSC). Clearly this is a huge conflict of interest. As part of their review, the Charity Commission required the National Shooting Centre to be run at arms length so the NRA published the job vacancy online for an ‘Independent Director’ for the NSC on 31st October ( The post specifically stated “(“Independent” excludes NRA employees / current Trustees / recently retired Trustees)”.

The deadline for applications was 22nd November 2019. As such it seems strange that the NRA would go to the trouble on 23rd October 2019, prior to the job opening even being made public, of making two trustees (Alice Gran & Nicholas Brasier) Directors of the NSC on Companies House (

Click here to view the current NRA Trustees.

Not only does this go directly against their own job pre-requisites, but it also keeps Andrew Mercer (NRA CEO) on as a Director, with all the conflicts of interest that that brings with it.

The NRA are a devious organisation who thrive on misdirection and we believe this is another example of this. During the 2019 Bisley General Meeting concerns over the conflicts of interest present at the NSC were voiced to the NRA Chairman as follows…

See p13 of the Bisley BGM Minutes here